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PED 230 - Foundations of Physical Education and Sport

This course is designed to provide the historical, philosophical, sociological, and other foundations areas of physical education and sport.


Pedagogical Approach

This course includes the following methods of instruction: ·        

  • Reading assignments ·        
  • Online discussions ·        
  • Use of online websites, tools, and media ·        
  • Practical experiences ·  
  • Assignments posted and submitted in Canvas and/or other online site ·        

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the current trends in sport management and physical education and their potentional impact in the sport industry and school programs.
  • Trace the history of physical education and sport from the earliest time to the Present    Identify leaders, events, movements, and societal and political forces that have contributed to the growth of physical education and sport
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the federal legislation that mandates equal opportunities for both genders and for special population. 


Quizzes and tests will be administered to assess students’ knowledge of course concepts.

Other Information