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Music Fundamentals

This collection contains the California Open Educational Resources Council (CA OER) list of peer-reviewed textbooks for Music Fundamentals (common course-id MUS 110), one of the top 50 college courses identified for inclusion in the California Open Online Library for Education (COOLforEd).

CID Number: MUS 110

General Course Description

An introduction to the notation and primary elements of tonal music.  Incorporates the following concepts: staff notation in treble and bass clefs, rhythm and meter; basic properties of sound; intervals; diatonic scales and triads; and diatonic chords.  Development of skills in handwritten notation is expected.

Minimum Units: 3.0

Any rationale or comment:

Suitable for both music majors (as a pre-requisite for further music theory study) and non-majors, this course may satisfy a general education requirement in lower-division curricula, and is commonly transferable in a baccalaureate program.


Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Advisories/Recommendations: None

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, the students should be able to:

  • Write and recognize in staff notation the elementary components of diatonic tonal music, including pitch and rhythm.
  • Construct major and minor scales and key signatures; intervals up to the octave; and commonly used diatonic triads and seventh chords.
  • Identify simple and compound meters; intervals up to the octave; major and minor key signatures; and commonly used diatonic triads and seventh chords.


Including but not limited to:

  • written exercises
  • examinations

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Octaves and the Major-Minor Tonal System
    Octaves and the Major-Minor Tonal System (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This is a portion of the book, Introduction to Music Theory, by Catherine Schmidt-Jones. This introduces the... More
  • MUS 101 - Introduction to Music
    Although this is described as a course, it can also be used as a textbook. This course provides an introductory survey... More
  • Sound Reasoning
    Sound Reasoning (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Although designed as a course, this resource can be used as a textbook. It offers a new approach to music appreciation... More
  • A Popular History of the Art of Music From the Earliest Times Until the Present
    I have divided the entire history into books, placing at the beginning of each book a general chapter defining the... More
  • Introduction to Music Theory
    Introduction to Music Theory (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This course introduces the basic concepts and terms needed to discuss melody and harmony. It is intended for teens or... More