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  • Rubric for Online Instruction
    Rubric for Online Instruction (Reference Material)
    Do you need help to raise the quality of an online learning component? Use this Rubric for Online Instruction to... More
  • How To Develop An Online Course
    This site provides a step-by-step guide to creating an online course. A detailed tutorial instructs the user how to... More
  • Building Online Learning Assignments with MERLOT
    A PowerPoint session designed to assist faculty in the development of online course assignments using MERLOT learning... More
    COURSE EVALUATION METHODS (Reference Material)
    Suggestions and resources to create sucessful on line courses
  • Principles of Online Design Checklist
    Checklist for benchmarks of quality in online courses, cross-referenced to the Principles of Online Design.
  • Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction
    Online course about how to teach well online fro Sally Kuhlenschmidt at Western kentucky University.
  • Online Learning Journal
    Online Learning Journal (Reference Material)
    On line journals or abstracts on creating sucessful on-line courses
  • Course Module Evaluation Rubric
    This rubric was created to allow individuals a methodology to use when self-assessing a module for online course... More
  • Peer Review Rubric
    Peer Review Rubric (Collection)
    Since traditional faculty peer review forms are no longer sufficient for reviewing on-line courses, this rubric should... More
  • Instructional Design for Technology-based Education
    Brief document illustrating with technology-enhanced learning examples the five components of mastery instruction (White... More
  • ITeach Online Professional Development Center
    This is a collection of resources for faculty in a system of 32 state universities and two year colleges. Based on... More
  • Creating Instruction with  Repurposeable HTML Learning Objects
    This is a learning module made up of reusable learning objects that shows the reader how to make learning modules with... More
  • The Instructional Use of Learning Objects - Online Version
    This is the online version of The Instructional Use of Learning Objects, a new book that tries to go beyond the... More
  • IDEAS: Instructional Design for Elearning ApproacheS
    Reflections and insights on elearning strategies and instructional technology design. The author documents the method... More
  • Developing an Effective Online Course
    This course takes you through a step-by-step process of developing a proposal and sample module for an online course.... More