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Course & Lesson Objectives

Objectives drive instruction and assessment; objectives that are specific, measurable, and realistic result in learning that is more focused and meaningful, and make teaching easier and more effective.

Collection Content

  • Writing Educational Goals and Objectives
    Use this site for an explanation of the difference between goals and objectives; and differences in the psychomotor,... More
  • Behavioral Objectives and How to Write Them
    Topics addressed included in this straight-forward summary of behavioral objectives are definitions & characteristics, a... More
  • Observable Verbs for Cognitive Domain Instructional Objectives
    Site provides a table showing verbs appropriate for cognitive domains: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,... More
  • Writing Objectives
    Writing Objectives (Reference Material)
    A concise lesson on writing objectives; topics include reasons for stating objectives, ABCDs of writing objectives,... More
  • Helpful Hundred
    Helpful Hundred (Reference Material)
    List of 100 suggested performance terms that represent actions that are observable and measurable. Although similar to... More
  • Why Do We Need Learning Objectives
    Why Do We Need Learning Objectives (Reference Material)
    Goals & objectives guide all teaching, learning, and assessment. This site gives concise explanations of learning... More