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TSI 2005

This is a collection of science materials for presenting at the 2005 OU Teaching Scholars Initiative presentation.

Collection Content

  • Ideal Gas Law Simulation
    This simulation shows a microscopic model of an ideal gas. This demonstrates using simulations to demonstrate concepts... More
  • Ideal gas transformations
    The use of P-V diagrams, and their relation to real, physical processes, can cause problems for many students. This... More
  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    This full-featured "virtual wet lab" can be used to give students pre-lab experiences that will prepare them for a real... More
  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    DNA From the Beginning is an extensive collection of tutorials, vides, exercises, and more about DNA. It can enrich the... More
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
    This collection of biographies, history, and features can be used to make math more personal and real for students. The... More
  • Building a Transistor
    Building a Transistor (Simulation)
    This detailed illustration of the process of creating a transitor will engage visual learners and those who like to... More
  • Optics Bench Physlet
    Optics Bench Physlet (Simulation)
    This type of material can be used to actively engage students in the learning process. They are required to understand... More
  • Physics Illuminations
    This suite of online tutorials and drills can be used to move some basic learning outside of class so that class time... More