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"Chatterbox Skills : Literacy links

Materials/references that will build our work in early literacy research and assist ECCE teachers in Trinidad and Tobago will be placed in this collection.
Course: "Chatterbox Skills in Caribbean Children:a base for Literacy Learning" ...more soon on the above since I hope soon to teach this course @ the University of Trinidad and Tobago(?)

Collection Content

  • Child Development Institute
    Child Development Institute (Reference Material)
    **See sections on Language Development here--they will be especially useful for the Chatterbox and Literacy connections... More
  • North Carolina Language and Life Project
    An example of how language research is carried out in speech (?)communities--important for language-literacy connection... More
  • Intercultural & Cross Cultural Teaching Portal
    Teaching in multicultural settings is also a part of the Caribbean educational experience from preschool up...may find... More
  • Research Methods Knowledge Base
    Basic reference material/source for the "how-to" and the "what is?" of research.
  • Scientific Research in Education
    Scientific Research in Education (Reference Material)
    some ideas from a scientific approach to research can balance off with the qualitative (?)
  • BOOK:  147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups : Essentials of Web-Based Education
    Ideas that will help the "trainer" take to another level in Trinidad and Tobago.