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Interesting links to illustrate topics for the course ipc144 - first part no special order

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  • Data Representation
    Data Representation (Simulation)
    I like thisw one
  • CPU and Memory simulation
    The xSortLab has an excellent Applet that demonstrates bubble, selection and other sorts.
  • Floyds Algorithm
    Floyds Algorithm (Animation)
    Dijkstra's algorithm, Floyd's and others interesting stuff for more advanced programming
  • Towers of Hanoi
    Towers of Hanoi (Simulation)
    food for thought with recursive functions
  • Go To Statement Considered Harmful
    Go To Statement Considered Harmful (Reference Material)
    goto considered harmful - with reference to Bohm etal.
  • History of Computing Science: John von Neumann
    A very basic overview of history from the beginnings - but with commercials