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  • DidactiRed
    DidactiRed (Reference Material)
  • Hot Internet Sites ¡en Español!
  • Español ¡Hoy!
    Español ¡Hoy! (Tutorial)
  • Banco de imágenes
    Banco de imágenes (Reference Material)
    Photos and images.
  • Proyectos en red
    Proyectos en red (Collection)
    Great site for primary and secondary sources. Also for SHS courses.
  • Las páginas de las flechas rojas
    A very comprehensive site.
  • E. L. Easton
    E. L. Easton (Reference Material)
    This site is invaluable for pre-service and in-service training.
  • Those who don't speak Spanish may be left behind
    EDUCARED (Reference Material)
    This site is a very rich resource for teachers and parents. There are wonderful links to all types of Spanish materials.... More
  • El baúl de mirar y ver
    El baúl de mirar y ver (Reference Material)
    This is an impressive art site for teachers that makes it user-friendly. The activities help to make immediate use of... More
  • ¡Ayuda Tarea!
    ¡Ayuda Tarea! (Reference Material)
  • Learning Network:  Hispanic Heritage Month
  • SOS Teacher
    SOS Teacher (Reference Material)
    A BBC site for language practice.
  • Foreign Language Study and the Brain
    An excellent reference for studying multiple intelligences and how the brain operates regarding learning a second... More
  • Hebrew Language Teachers' Toolbox
    Hebrew Language Teachers' Toolbox (Reference Material)
  • Los sonidos del habla - Proyecto Fonospain