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Spanish for Heritage Speakers


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  • Educación con acento latino
  • BBC's Mundo Latino
    BBC's Mundo Latino (Collection)
    An excellent source. The site can serve as the "textbook" for SHS classes.
  • Mi tarea
    Mi tarea (Collection)
    Excellent content-based materials for SHS courses.
  • Lengua y literatura: Educación Secundaria Obligatoria Primer Ciclo
  • Radio Bilingüe
    Radio Bilingüe (Collection)
    The site includes news and information about Hispanics living in the USA. A California-based radio station.
  • Complementos
    Complementos (Tutorial)
    A useful site for language.
  • Latino USA
    Latino USA (Presentation)
  • Teacher's Guide: Cuando era puertorriqueña
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
    Celebrate Hispanic Heritage (Reference Material)
  • Ortografía interactiva
    Ortografía interactiva (Drill and Practice)
    A good source to practice the spelling of difficult letters.
  • Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas
    Although the site is in English, it provides a rich history of Mexican-Americans in Texas. It serves as an excellent... More
  • Autoras
    Autoras (Collection)
    I was pleased to find many of the women authors that our class is using in our Spanish for Heritage Speakers course.... More
  • Heritage Language Journal
    Heritage Language Journal (Reference Material)
    An excellent source for heritage language acquisition research and pedagogy,
  • Piérdele el miedo a los acentos
    This site is very helpful to teach accents. It presents the material easily and in simple terms. I have used it with my... More