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Medical Informatics

Contains all relevant material for Medical / Health Informatics




Collection Content

  • What is Medical Informatics
    Very useful in today's Information Technology era
  • Psychology of Informatics Integration in Healthcare
    Very useful in today's Healthcare Information imbroglio worldwide
  • Web Services Integration MW – Interoperability in Healthcare
    Educational Value: (1) Depicts the Role Middleware in Web services; (2) How MW can glue Healthcare with Information... More
  • Teleradiology Overview Systems and Applications
    Educational value of this material is multi-dimensional involving Information Technology, Healthcare, Administration,... More
  • Overview of electronic medical records
    Very useful for Informatics professional, Medical professionals, Healthcare administrators
  • Moore’s Law Statistical Validation
    Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Surgeon, Medical Informatician, Neuroscience Professor and Course Director, takes existing published... More
  • Rotation Model Blended Learning Project-ARS Feedback
    Rotation Model – Blended Learning Project – ARS Feedback – IEC Orlando
  • Portal Triad-Porta Hepatis Detailed Dissection - Some Variations - Sanjoy Sanyal
    Educational Video created by Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal; Professor, Department Chair, Surgeon, Neuroscientist and Medical... More