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4th Grade Digital Support Media

These resources are used to complement lessons.


Collection Content

  • Power my learning
    Power my learning (Reference Material)
    Educational games, videos, and activities for K-12 students.
  • Technology Enhanced Activity Modules for Science (TEAMS)
    Inquiry science teaching including digital video clips of engaging science exercises for K-5 students.
  • Double Bar Graph elementary lesson and activity
    Students complete a survey, then use a computer program to create a double bar graph.
  • Cultural Diversity Webquest
    Teaches students to complete a webquest on cultural diversity.
  • Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percents
    Teaches conversions among decimals, fractions, and percents through multimedia elements.
  • Splash Math Apps for iOS
    Splash Math Apps for iOS (Assessment Tool)
    iPad app for practicing 1-4 math skills.