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Collection for American Kinesiology Association Presentation

A collection of free online instructional materials that we're shown during the January 2014 AKA conference in San Jose, CA.


Collection Content

  • Thermodynamic Equilibrium
    A simulation of the kinetic theory of gasses. Students can study the dependence of the mixing of two gasses on... More
  • Clinical Logic for Injuries to Muscles, Ligaments and Nerves
    This is an online virtual sports medicine clinic where students could follow an ATC as she applies range of motion tests... More
  • Muscle Atlas
    Muscle Atlas (Reference Material)
    An online atlas of muscles in the upper and lower extremeties. The atlas of the lower extremeties includes 38 muscles. A... More
  • Hand Injuries in Athletics
    Online instructional materials that provide text, images, and animations of different types of hand injuries
  • Athletic Training Students’ Perceptions of and Academic Preparation in the Use of Psychological Skills in Sport Injury Rehabilitation
    2010 Journal Article Context: Injured athletes rely on athletic trainers to assist them when recovering from injury.... More