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  • Pangaea Zoo (Animation of break up, model of Earth's layers, and models of plate boundaries)
    I could use this website for multiple lessons within the high school Earth Science Dynamic Earth Unit including lessons... More
  • Tsunami animation
    Tsunami animation (Animation)
    Tsunamis are taught under high school Earth Science Scope and Sequence Unit 2: Dynamic Earth. This video simulation... More
  • The Rock Cycle
    The Rock Cycle (Presentation)
    This PowerPoint presentation provides very useful content about the three rock types and their formation (i.e.... More
  • Layers of the Earth's Atmopshere
    I can use this website specifically to teach a lesson on the layers of the atmosphere (Earth Science Scope and Sequence... More
  • earthquake types: savage earth
    Earthquakes are taught under Earth Science Scope and Sequence Unit 2: Dynamic Earth. I could use this website to teach... More
  • how do volcanoes erupt?
    how do volcanoes erupt? (Reference Material)
  • Earth Observatory by NASA  Water Cycle
  • Types of faults: Animations of fault motion
  • Fault Animations
    Fault Animations (Animation)
  • The Driving Forces Behind Plate Tectonics and The Three Types of Plate Boundaries
  • Igneous Rocks
    Igneous Rocks (Tutorial)
  • The Mineral Gallery
    The Mineral Gallery (Collection)
    Guia amplíssima sobre els minerals, molt descriptiva i il·lustrada.
  • Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals, and Textures
  • Mineral Kingdom
    Mineral Kingdom (Collection)
    Bona guia fotogràfica, amb molts exemplars del mateix mineral.