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Earth Science

My personal collection of multimedia material for teaching.


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  • Dimensions (geometry)
    Dimensions (geometry) (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This video content is very useful especially chapter 1 which includes a visual of a sphere being cut into parts creating... More
  • Types of faults: Animations of fault motion
    Great Material for visualization can be found at this website Hopefully the Classroom computer being used has the... More
  • Fault Animations
    Fault Animations (Animation)
    You can incorporate this into a quick minilesson and have the students draw each series of events and create there own... More
  • The Driving Forces Behind Plate Tectonics and The Three Types of Plate Boundaries
    Of Course I Found this and Decided to submit it to Merlot since i found it to be extremely useful when i presented this... More
  • Igneous Rocks
    Igneous Rocks (Tutorial)
    I would definately try to use this in class as an individual activity. Where each student would go on the computer... More