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SI 410 - Ethics and Information Technology

Ethics and Information Technology focuses on the ethical dilemmas that exist where human beings, information objects, and social computing technologies interact. The course explores emerging ethical models from historical and cross-cultural perspectives and then applies these models to a variety of new and emerging technologies that are inherently social in their construction and use. Initial examples of issues that the course covers in discrete modules include: the integrity of digital content in a networked world; identity and avatars; and interpersonal engagement through online games and virtual environments. Students explore the technological underpinnings of associated technology systems, experiment with individual and group interaction with technologies, and examine the mechanics of ethical and unethical behaviors.

Instructor: Paul Conway

dScribe: Emily Mahood Bowman

Course Level: Undergraduate

Course Structure: Two lectures and one lab each week

Awards: 2011 Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize Winner


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