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University of Michigan Medical School M1 Patients and Populations: Medical Decision-Making

The Patients and Populations sequence focuses on genetics, principles of disease, epidemiology, information gathering and assessment. The sequence features two modules: Medical Genetics and Medical Decision-Making.

Sequence Directors:
Rajesh Mangrulkar, M.D.
Stephen Gruber, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

dScribe: Anthony Grech 

In this module, students will:

Construct well-defined clinical questions from case scenarios, designed to improve general knowledge about a topic, and to help make decisions regarding the use of diagnostic tests.

Understand the differences between foreground and background questions and the implications for the types of information resources best suited to answer these questions.

Become familiar with the U-M information environment, and learn to effectively search several core biomedical resources to answer specific clinical questions.

Develop an understanding of the basic foundations of biostatistics, research design and epidemiology to begin to apply scientific data to the understanding of clinical conditions.

Effectively and logically apply probabilistic reasoning to diagnostic questions that arise in patient case scenarios.


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