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Hispanic Cultural Materials

Collection of materials for teaching Spanish and Latin American culture.


Collection Content

  • Ojala que llueva cafe
    Website dedicated to Dominican culture. Includes a recording of the song "Ojala que llueva cafe," photos of the... More
  • Center for Latin American Studies Teaching Resources for Peru and Ecuador
    Good collection of cultural materials about Peru and Ecuador, including podcasts, videos, and teacher resources, such as... More
  • Nuevos Horizontes
    Nuevos Horizontes (Collection)
    Sponsored by the University of Illinois, Nuevos Horizontes is a collection of radio programs aimed at the... More
  • Mundo Latino
    Mundo Latino (Collection)
    Many, many links to educational materials, stories, videos, social networks, art and culture items. Excellent way to... More
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes
    Site filled with articles, videos, etc, on a variety of cultural topics--literature, language, arts, science. Very well... More
  • Spanish Index
    Spanish Index (Collection)
    Fabulous source for information on Spanish literature, fine art, music, and architecture. The quality of the materials... More