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Collaborative Learning

Materials that may serve as a basis for online group work

Collection Content

  • Cooperative Learning: Students Working in Small Groups
    Stanford University article
  • Cooperative Learning
    Cooperative Learning (Reference Material)
    Links to tips and common mistakes
  • Wiggio
    Wiggio (Workshop and Training Material)
    free online tool for middle and high school students - rated and reviewed
  • The Jigsaw Classroom:  A co-operative learning technique
    A very well organized site that describes the history of the jigsaw cooperative learning teaching exercise, the purpose,... More
  • Online teamwork and collaboration
    Online teamwork and collaboration (Workshop and Training Material)
    Description: While developing effective teamwork and collaboration skills are considered important to the learning... More
  • Working in Teams
    Working in Teams (Tutorial)
    A presentation that could be used as an introduction to teamwork. The addition of an activity would make this... More