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  • Constructing a Syllabus
  • Independent Studies: Learning Contracts
    Learning contract and how to construct one.
  • Learning Styles: Fact and Fiction – A Conference Report
    Interesting discussion on different learning style tests, and whether student learning approaches predict learning... More
  • Learner-Centered Syllabus Checklist
    Outline for syllabus provided. No details about why it is learner-centered.
  • Syllabus Best Practices
    Document that details parts of a LCS
  • U of M Syllabus Requirements
    U of M Syllabus Requirements (Reference Material)
    from U-Minnesota. Provides a short list of what to include.Plus many web pages of information/description for syllabus... More
  • Constructing a Syllabus
    LONG handbook that describes course construction more than syllabus construction.
  • Why Use Humor in the Classroom?
    Why Use Humor in the Classroom? (Reference Material)
    basic goals of humor, benefits of using humor effectively.