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STARTALK Arabic Collection

Here are web sites that may be used to engage young learners of the Arabic language, especially those in the STARTALK program.

Collection Content

  • Arabic Survival phrases
    Arabic Survival phrases (Drill and Practice)
    Just enough to practice basic phrases necessary for basic transactions.
  • Lexilogos Arabic keyboard online
    Lexilogos Arabic keyboard online (Reference Material)
    Online keyboard fore typing Arabic.
  • Levantine Colloquial Arabic  Audio and Video Collection
    Audio and video materials comparing colloquial Arabic as spoken by Jordanians, Syrians and Palestinians. From the... More
  • LangMedia Arabic materials
    The Five College Arabic Course Guides are used in the Five College Mentored Language Program. The course guides include... More
  • Arabic in Jordan:Langmedia Five College Foreign Language Media Archive
    Authentic, country-specific video, audio, and still images for use by language learners around the world.
  • Culture Talk Arab Levant
    From LangMedia, fabulous authentic video, transcripts in .doc and .pdf
  • Arabic Calligraphy
    Arabic Calligraphy (Reference Material)
    All about Arabic calligraphy.
  • A`Hundred and One rules!
    A`Hundred and One rules! (Reference Material)
    A short reference grammar for beginning and intermediate Arabic
  • Learn Arabic
    Learn Arabic (Reference Material)
    Many sound files, language, culture and more
  • The Arabic Podcasts
    The Arabic Podcasts (Collection)
    Improve Arabic skills by listening to different Arabic audio materials in different subjects: short stories, movies... More
  • (Drill and Practice)
    Grammar, vocabulary and audio files in Arabic.
  • Arabic Pod
    Arabic Pod (Tutorial)
    Podcasts with pdfs
  • Arabe en ligne
    Arabe en ligne (Online Course)
    Toute une classe en arabe
  • Children in Modern Egypt
    Children in Modern Egypt (Presentation)
    This is a simple web page that shows how Egyptian children live today. A nice springboard for a learning assignment.
  • DAR-Digital Assets Repository
    DAR-Digital Assets Repository (Learning Object Repository)
    texts, 35,000 images and much more
  • Languageguide: Arabic Grammar
    Grammar pages in Arabic. Immediately usable by students.
  • Arabic Language Learning Games:Digital Dialects
    Added to MERLOT by a tech workshop participant.
  • Aswaat Arabia
    Aswaat Arabia (Drill and Practice)
    More inspiration for you STARTALKERS in Arabic and everyone else who teaches ARA.
  • CRI Webcast Arabic
    CRI Webcast Arabic (Presentation)
    Chinese Arabic news from CRI
  • The News in Simplified Arabic: Webcasts from NCLRC
    Users may download both the written and audio versions of the exercises, copy them, and redistribute them. The only... More
  • Greetings in Arabic
    Greetings in Arabic (Reference Material)
    The following video was produced by various members of the 2009 NOVA Startalk Arabic and Chinese Technology workshop on... More
  • Aswaat Arabiyya
    Aswaat Arabiyya (Collection)
    Listening comprehension at a variety of levels.
  • Al-hakawati
    Al-hakawati (Reference Material)
    Classroom-ready images, site in Arabic and English
  • Flashcard Exchange
    Flashcard Exchange (Drill and Practice)
    Flashcards for Arabic at different levels