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Image Databases

Pictures and photographs to be used to teach languages and incorporate culture in the L2 classroom.

Collection Content

  • Visual Geography
    Visual Geography (Collection)
    Photos and sound from around the world.
  • (Collection)
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    Excellent pictures with suggestions for classroom use
  • Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL)
    Images organized by categories like Environment, Language,Authority,Non-Verbal
  • Virtual Picture Album
    Virtual Picture Album (Collection)
    Images for FL teaching from the less commonly-taught language project at CARLA.
  • Panoramio
    Panoramio (Reference Material)
    Great for teaching culture and staying in the target language.
  • Le Québec en images
    Le Québec en images (Collection)
    Images from Quebec with e-postcards that users can send. Royalty free when used for educational purposes.
  • Images de France
    Images de France (Collection)
    250 royalty free images from the French government. Scenes from everyday life.
  • Parillusion
    Parillusion (Collection)
    Le site de l'autre regard sur Paris. This impeccable site features photos and texts documenting features of the City of... More
  • L'Histoire par l'image- 1789-1939
    French History through images
  • New York Public Library Digital Gallery
    300,000 images, many of which are very suitable for culture, civilization and to prompt discussion in FL classes.
  • La Francophonie en images
    An image database with 700 photos of Paris, the French countryside and the Antilles. Some photos from Francophone... More