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Intro Stats

Learning objects relevant to an introductory statistics course.

Collection Content

  • Simulating Confidence Intervals
    Generate confidence intervals and see which contain the true parameter. Helps to see idea of confidence level.
  • Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE)
    Applets on sampling distribution of the mean, statistical power and a p-value illustrator, among others. Statistical... More
  • Guess the Correlation Applet
    Applet by Rossman and Chance allowing students to guess the correlation from simulated data shown in a scatter plot.... More
  • Guessing Correlations
    Guessing Correlations (Simulation)
    Generates 4 scatters and their correlations. Students match correlation to each scatter.
  • Binomial Distribution
    Looks excellent in IE, but unusable in Firefox. Very useful applet for helping students work through binomial... More