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sources that help with French grammar for French 102

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  • Tex's French Grammar: La Grammaire de l'Absurde
  • Le Point du FLE
    Le Point du FLE (Collection)
    This site is already suggested by Madame Franklin in FRE202. There are a lot of exercises involving all verb tenses and... More
  • Langue au chat
    Langue au chat (Tutorial)
    This is a collection of subjects thought to be tricky for many French students. The creator is very funny and honest in... More
  • Le français Interactif
    Le français Interactif (Reference Material)
    this is an entire beginners french course, so there is a lot of information about vocab, grammar, as well as francophone... More
  • Le Patron:Aide à la rédaction
    Le Patron:Aide à la rédaction (Reference Material)
    i love this resource! instead of auto-correcting your writing, it points out spelling errors and suggests better ways to... More