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Advanced Spanish Learners

A collection of tools and resources appropriate for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners in middle and high school settings.
Course: Spanish III; Spanish IV; Fluent Speakers Spanish

Collection Content

  • Antologia de Poesia Española
    Great collection of poems that can be accessed online and studied in an Advanced Spanish class.
  • Ojala que llueva cafe
    An excellent web-based guided-reading lesson based on the song "Ojala que llueva cafe en el campo" by Dominican artist... More
  • Complementos
    Complementos (Tutorial)
    Useful spelling and Spanish language usage resources for Advanced Spanish learners. Includes: Abreviaturas, Siglas y... More
  • Ortografía
    Ortografía (Tutorial)
    Excellent resource to learn spelling, capitalizaion, and punctuation rules.
  • Create Your Own Comics Online
    Very fun and educational online tool in which you can create your own comic strip. The resource will help children... More
  • Taller hispano
    Taller hispano (Tutorial)
    Multimedia workshop of activities for Spanish language instruction, using authentic materials on the web. Although it... More
  • Proyecto Salon Hogar
    Proyecto Salon Hogar (Reference Material)
    Authentic Puerto Rican Spanish website with multiple resources appropriate for all Spanish learners. It is aimed to help... More
  • spanish.language&culture (Spanish Language and Culture)
    Thematic Units. Interactive grammar exercises with immediate feedback.
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises
    Spanish Proficiency Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    Spanish Proficiency Exercises is a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various... More
  • Lengua Mayor: Ensayo sobre el español de aquí y de allá
    This webpage is an online book on the Spanish language with an added perspective of Spanish in Puerto Rico.
  • No Comprendo - Learn Spanish Online
    Learn Spanish online. You can follow the course or search for a particular lesson. Useful for all levels. It also has a... More