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Pictures, cartoons and other types of Realia to supplement instructional strategies.

Collection Content

  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    The REALIA Project (Rich Electronic Archive for Language Instruction Anywhere) is a searchable, web-enabled database of... More
  • Arnaud Frich: Photographies Panoramiques
    Breathtaking images of France and Parisian landmarks.
  • Images de France
    Images de France (Collection)
    300 photos libre de droit sur la France de l'an 2000
  • Claire Br├ętecher
    Claire Br├ętecher (Collection)
    Well known humorous cartoon strip.
  • Le Petit Nicolas:Les personnages
    Website for le Petit Nicolas (well known book series) with cute drawings, as well.
  • Realia (French, German and Croatian)
    Realia - bus tickets, menus, etc.