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Images for the Foreign Language Classroom

A collection of images that can be used to teach learners of all levels in the Foreign Language classroom.

Collection Content

  • Modern Languages
    Modern Languages (Collection)
    From Scotland, a modern foreign language resource site with language-oriented royalty-free images, information on and... More
  • The Commons on Flickr
    The Commons on Flickr (Collection)
    Collection of public photographs and images from many participating institutions on Flickr.
  • Banco de imágenes
    Banco de imágenes (Reference Material)
    A rich and diverse source of photo and images for teaching vocabulary with visuals and sounds. From the Ministerio de... More
  • Sala de la infancia
    Sala de la infancia (Collection)
    Museo Virtual de la Vida Cotidiana. Images, narrations and descriptions capturing experiences from infancy. Commentators... More
  • National Gallery of Art Kids: Adventures with Art
    This library consists of about 3000 images which can be useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a Spanish... More
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    The REALIA Project (Rich Electronic Archive for Language Instruction Anywhere) is a searchable, web-enabled database of... More