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Interactive Games

Variety of games, exercises and activities aimed at improving grammar and/or vocabulary. Resources can be used for student practice and reinforcement.

Collection Content

  • Chez Mimi
    Chez Mimi (Drill and Practice)
    Flash games in French to teach vocabulary. Three levels of games.
  • Jeu de l'oie
    Jeu de l'oie (Drill and Practice)
    Vous devez aider cette oie a rentrer chez elle en repondant a des questions sur la langue francaise. Choisissez votre... More
  • Grammaire interactive
    Grammaire interactive (Quiz/Test)
    Interactive grammar tests with detailed explanations of answers. Topics include agreement of the past participle, proper... More
  • Le français Interactif
    Le français Interactif (Reference Material)
    A complete first-year course in French language from the University of Texas at Austin featuring, audio, video, opinon... More
  • Bonjour de France
    Bonjour de France (Drill and Practice)
    A magazine-format vehicle for French language and culture learning. Including: articles (with quizzes and sound),... More
  • Tiroirs Secrets - Vocabulary Activity
    Vocabulary activity found in LeMonde journal. The objective is to place the falling words into the correct category... More
  • French Vocab & Grammar Games
    French Vocab & Grammar Games (Drill and Practice)
    Vocab & Grammar games (crossword puzzles, scrambles, fill-ins).