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  • Piérdele el miedo a los acentos
    A great way to master accents. Their understanding and application is essential to correct writing and pronunciation in... More
  • Create Your Own Comics Online
    This writing tool engages students in the fun activity of creating their own comic while learning a new language.
  • BBC Mundo
    BBC Mundo (Presentation)
    Wonderful collection of resources to explore Spanish language through news, reports and articles on multiple subjects.
  • The LangMedia  Spanish Collection
    Excellent video source that provides dialogues, transcripts and translations on a wide array of authentic environments.
  • Modulos Culturales
    Modulos Culturales (Tutorial)
    Modules that incorporate art, literature and film through multimedia, create linguistic and cultural awareness.
  • ¡Conjuguemos!
    ¡Conjuguemos! (Drill and Practice)
    A great way to study and research verb conjugation in different tenses.