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French language skills

reading, speaking, writing, listening

Collection Content

  • Lexiquefle
    Lexiquefle (Drill and Practice)
    Basic vocabulary and practice exercises on numbers, the family, parts of the body and other topics for beginning... More
  • Tex's French Grammar: La Grammaire de l'Absurde
    Arranged by part of speech, succinct explanations of all grammar topics are combined with exercises and very engaging... More
  • Le Point du FLE
    Le Point du FLE (Collection)
    Grammar explanations, exercises, audio, video, civilization and other activities.
  • Le français Interactif
    Le français Interactif (Reference Material)
    A complete first-year course in French language from the University of Texas at Austin featuring, audio, video, opinion... More
  • Phonétique FLE
    Phonétique FLE (Tutorial)
    A comprehensive site for the practice of French phonetics with exercises and a forum for teachers and students.