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Recommendations for Online Introductory Physics

This resource list provides 10 recommended resources from the MERLOT-Physics Editorial board for materials that can provide online instruction in the case of an emergency. These are ready-to-use materials to support an introductory physics class.

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  • PhET - Physics Interactive Simulations
    This collection of research-validated simulations provides online learning environments where students are engaged with... More
  • Open Source Physics
    Open Source Physics (Collection)
    This collection of combined simulations and curriculum provide engaging digital activities for students at a wide range... More
  • Physlet Physics 3e
    Physlet Physics 3e (Collection)
    PHYSLETS are Java building blocks used around the world to develop interactive learning activities. This web site... More
  • Physlets at Lawrence Technological University
    This web site is an excellent example of the use of Physlets to build illustrations, investigations, and tutorial... More
  • Illinois PER: Interactive Examples
    This series of online problem-solving activities are excellent for individual students to build understanding about both... More
  • Problem Collections from UMd PERG
    This set of question collections covers a wide range of topics and uses. The materials can be used for in-class... More
  • Assessing-to-Learn Physics
    Whether teaching in a conventional classroom or online, questions that can help an instructor judge the conceptual... More
  • HyperPhysics
    HyperPhysics (Presentation)
    Hyperphysics is an extensive online reference site covering most of physics. These resources can be used to help... More
  • Physclips: Physics animations, film clips, interactive tutorials and supporting pages
    This series of short online lectures with high quality illustrations and animations will provide students with online... More
  • Math And Physics Applets
    This web site provides highly-visual simulations in a wide range of topics. The materials suitable for introductory... More