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SPED 607 materials

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  • WebQuest Page
    WebQuest Page (Reference Material)
    This website will be useful for older students when doing research online. Today, anything and everything can be found... More
  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
    This website may be helpful when teaching SLP students about foreign accent reduction. It may also be helpful for a... More
  • Crisis at Fort Sumter
    Crisis at Fort Sumter (Simulation)
    This would be an appropriate website for older children studying US history and could be implemented by the SLP and... More
  • The eSkeletons Project
    The eSkeletons Project (Simulation)
    A more sophisticated site, however may be appropriate for high school, college or professional inservice training.... More
  • Arts Education K-6 Lesson Plans
    Great resource for teacher's personal use in all areas, as well as student teachers. Allows to search through possible... More
  • Online Asperger Syndrome information & Support
    OASIS is a good resource for professionals as well as parents of children with Aspergers. Not only has general... More
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Browser
    Amazing resource for professionals and parents! As an SLP student, although I have taken a sign language course,... More
  • Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice (CECP)
    Good for collaboration and behavior management.
  • Behavior Home Page
    Behavior Home Page (Collection)
    This site contains legal information on the IDEA practices and regulations, behavioral interventions, and links to other... More
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD)
    This article discusses central auditory processing disorders, and how the brain must function in order for processing to... More