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French teaching

Useful resources and sites in relation to teaching French at the high school level. Focus on National Standards.

Collection Content

  • INA Médiathèque
    INA Médiathèque (Learning Object Repository)
    Mediotec in France, with free access for educational purposes. FLANC
  • Le Point du FLE
    Le Point du FLE (Collection)
    A site with strong links for language learning. FLANC
  • Parillusion
    Parillusion (Collection)
    Photos and text on Paris. FLANC
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Multimedia collection. FLANC
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    Database of images for use in FL teaching. FLANC
  • CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
    Culture specific images. FLANC
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary
    The Internet Picture Dictionary (Reference Material)
    Multilingual picture dictionary. FLANC
  • WorldImages Kiosk
    WorldImages Kiosk (Reference Material)
    Fine art photographs. FLANC
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents a Timline of Art History
    Art History Timeline. FLANC
  • Images de France
    Images de France (Collection)
    France in the year 2000 images. FLANC
  • PeintureFLE
    PeintureFLE (Drill and Practice)
    Using Art to teach French. FLANC
  • La Revolution Francaise
    Materials for teaching the French revolution.
  • Phonétique FLE
    Phonétique FLE (Tutorial)
    French phonetics site. FLANC
  • Espace Francophone
    Espace Francophone (Collection)
    Francophone world resources, including Louisiana. FLANC
  • The Cave of Lascaux
    The Cave of Lascaux (Reference Material)
    Official site of prehistoric cave.