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Cross-Discipline appropriate LOs (Basic Interdisciplinary Skills)

This collection is a group of cross-discipline learning materials to provide assistance for various universal fields.

Collection Content

  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    I really enjoyed reviewing this writing resource material after I was referred to it by our University's writing... More
  • Statistics Every Writer Should Know
    A VERY simple outline of what stats terms mean and how/when it is appropriate to use them in writing. Good for quick &... More
  • In Pictures: Online Computer Tutorials
    Easy to use technology support tutorial with pictures and solid direction. Very useful for faculty or students using new... More
  • Index of Learning Styles
    Use the inventory to assess students learning styles in order to find out what types of materials would be best for HW.
  • Graphing the line y = mx + b
    Graphing the line y = mx + b (Drill and Practice)
    This applet is a simple and effective tool for teaching the graphing of a line. It could easily be incorporated into a... More
  • Unit Conversions
    Unit Conversions (Simulation)
    I thought that this LO was very useful as a teaching aid, straight forward in terms of instructions, and excellent in... More
  • ThatQuiz - Math Test Activities
    This is a great tool for learning or getting a refresher on general math concepts across the board. Very simple and... More
  • Internet Detective
    Internet Detective (Tutorial)
    This tutorial teaches students finding solid sources how to assess the validity of websites that may appear legitimate.... More
  • Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
    A multiple linear regression tool to help in the learning process. Overall very good and helpful.
  • Guessing Correlations
    Guessing Correlations (Simulation)
    A simple and effective LO that simulates various correlations. Helpful for students attempting to visualize... More