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This is a collection of assignments, books, seminars etc that help address issues of diversity, inequality and inclusion.The topics vary in subjects and context.I was sure to find topics that were relevant to today's times and issues. 


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  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in OER
    This is a zoom call that discusses the success of students, and how they can assist in their learning, and getting them... More
  • Training Trainers for Health and Human Rights
    This training was created to help trainers and staff that are in the field of health of some sort, to relearn and... More
  • Classroom Management in the Online Environment
    Classroom Management in the Online Environment (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    This journal outlines the importance of classroom management, in class and virtually. Teachers have to make sure their... More
  • Teaching English through pedagogical tanslanguaging
    Teaching English through pedagogical tanslanguaging (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    This abstract helps teachers to understand and better educate students who do not always have english as their first... More
  • Coming Out in Bytes and Pieces: Self-identification Online
    This teacher speaks about how being open and honest about your true self to your students, allows for that student... More
  • Learning Equity between Online and On-Site Mathematics Courses 
    This was a study to see if there was a difference between online learning and in person learning for math. Students were... More