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ETEC 444 Web Sources for English Learners

A collection of sources with the goal of addressing and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. Intended to be used as reference or as class material.


Collection Content

  • Edutopia Online
    Edutopia Online (Collection)
    Has different topics, articles, and videos relating to education in a K-12 setting. The materials on the website look at... More
  • ESL Learning Objects: Activities For ESL Students
    Provides quizzes and different activities for students who are learning English. The quizzes have different... More
  • ESL - English as a Second Language
    ESL - English as a Second Language (Drill and Practice)
    Website has multiple audio clips with transcripts of different English dialogues for different English learner levels.... More
  • Poetry Daily Archives
    Poetry Daily Archives (Collection)
    Poetry uploaded daily and written in many different styles. Shows contemporary poetry as written by people all across... More
  • Writing Research Essays in North American Academic Institutions: A Guide for Students of All Nations
    A simple website that outlines the components and process for writing a research paper. The material is meant to be... More
  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
    This website has English audio of different difficulty levels that are subdivided into many different topics. The goal... More