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Chicano art movement and Carlos Almaraz

A collection of sources on the art movement as a whole and one of the major artists within the Chicano Street art era, Carlos Almaraz) for the intended use of providing a variety of resources that give a deeper look into this particular era. EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) is addressed in the sense that the topic is one that is often overlooked by the need to focus on the Eurocentric focused movements in art history, and the inclusion of more diversity within this field is important as it allows students to see POC artists being recognized. 


Collection Content

  • The Art Story
    The Art Story (Reference Material)
    The Art Story is a website that works like a search engine and allows for a filtered search for art movements, artworks,... More
  • Playing with Fire: Paintings by Carlos Almaraz - Carlos Almaraz ...
    This is a book on Carlos Almaraz which goes more in-depth on the artist's life, shows a large collection of his works,... More
  • Oral history interview with Carlos Almaraz, 1986 February 6-1987 ...
    This is an interview with Carlos Almaraz, and I included this with the thought of hearing directly from the artist is... More
  • Carlos Almaraz - Visual AIDS
    This resource includes a short summary of the artist's life followed by a collection of 27 of his works, but I included... More
  • In life and on canvas, the 'tragic explosions' and L.A. dreamscapes ...
    An LA Times article written in 2017 about the opening of an exhibit of Carlos Almaraz's works at LACMA titled "Playing... More
  • 7.3: Queer and Feminist Chicanx Movements - Social Sci LibreTexts
    This resource explores the issues with the hyper masculinity, sexism, and homophobia present in the Chicano identity in... More