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French Studies

This bookmark describes EDI by referencing the worldwide influence of the French language and how that influence came to be, as well as activities garnered towards French language acquisition.


Collection Content

  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Great resource for understanding several facets of French culture ranging from cuisine, family life, their school... More
  • Espace Francophone
    Espace Francophone (Collection)
    A fantastic website that teaches about Louisiana French and its lingual history, its use in the American South, and... More
  • The Cave of Lascaux
    The Cave of Lascaux (Reference Material)
    A wonderful story of prehistoric art in France, the cave of Lascaux takes students back millenia to a time before modern... More
  • Conte-moi la Francophonie
    This site provides cultural awareness of the francophone countries in Africa as well as Haiti through short stories.... More
  • La bibliothèque numérique de TV5Monde
    This resource offers links and overviews of classic French literature that all francophiles - and AP French students -... More
  • Le Génie du manguier
    Le Génie du manguier (Animation)
    Another great source to hear African French through a short story. Lesson plans and learning activities are also... More
  • Musée virtuel de la Nouvelle-France
    This leads to a virtual museum visit to the Nouvelle-France Museum dealing with the French colonies in Canada that... More
  • Dictionnaire multifonctions:tv5monde
    A multilingual dictionary offering students a look into the French of various francophone countries and dialects. This... More
  • Atlas francophone: Les Etats en chiffres
    This is the world atlas in French, giving students a chance to read academic French while searching for territories of... More
  • Afrique 50 ans d'indépendance
    This multimedia presentation gives students a look at the 16 francophone African countries who gained independence in... More