Bookmark Collection

High School Photography

This bookmark collection is intended for a high school class that focuses on all types of photography.


Collection Content

  • Photography 101
    Photography 101 (Online Course)
    It is a library of podcasts that students can listen to. The information given is about creating the picture and using... More
  • Digital Photography
    Digital Photography (Quiz/Test)
    It is important terminology for any photographer user. This information will be taught to the students at the beginning... More
  • An online photography course for developing soft thinking skills
    An online source that explains how to do all types of photography. The website has tutorials, for example, portraits... More
  • Street Photography for the Purist
    Street Photography for the Purist (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This source gives good examples of street photography and talks about the photographers who took them. Not only does... More
  • New York Public Library Digital Gallery
    This source can be used to pull images from different photography styles and subjects. One can even pick a photographer... More