Bookmark Collection

Chinese Language and Culture

This bookmark collection is about Chinese language and Chinese culture teaching and learning. It contains many helpful teaching resources for Chinese language teachers, as well as providing tools, exercises, and free writer app for learners.

Target Audience: College lower division; Chinese beginning, intermediate and advanced learners.


Collection Content

  • Learning Chinese language and  Chinese Linguistics
    This web page by Dr. Tim Xie provides audio, video, homework, flashcard practice on Chinese characters. You can also... More
  • (Drill and Practice)
    Learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily! 40 online lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, modern... More
  • Learn Chinese Teach Chinese
    Learn Chinese Teach Chinese (Reference Material)
    Teach Chinese, Learn Chinese, use different instructional methods and approaches to give Chinese lessons. Multimedia has... More
  • Chinese Writer App for iOS
    This is a free ios app for learning how to write thousands of Chinese characters. Characters fall from the top of the... More
  • YellowBridge
    YellowBridge (Reference Material)
    YellowBridge provides Chinese language and culture resources for English speakers. Topics include language learning,... More