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Health Equity Resources

This collection holds tools and references of health and wellness information, while also addressing how health can be different between races, genders, ethnicities, or regions.


Collection Content

  • Demographic and Health Surveys
    Demographic and Health Surveys (Reference Material)
    Provides demographic data from surveys conducted worldwide regarding population, health, and nutrition of children and... More
  • Health Equity | CDC
    Health Equity | CDC (Reference Material)
    In this source from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, information on their goal aiming to achieve health... More
  • Health Sciences Community Portal
    An educational resource that can be used in learning and teaching health science.
  • HealthReach - Health Information in many Languages
    Provides multicultural and multilingual public health information to enable a more culturally competent health... More
  • World Health Organization's Website on Gender, Equity and Human rights
    This presentation highlights the inequalities in health outcomes and the disparities that are caused by underlying... More
  • Health Equity Quiz
    Health Equity Quiz (Quiz/Test)
    A quiz that can be used to analyze a user's knowledge of health inequities and health disparities.