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Shakespeare Unit

This is a collection of everything Shakespeare. High school teachers may use this to help students through the struggle of understanding Shakespeare. These sources show EDI by giving all students the resources needed to understand Shakespeare.


Collection Content

  • Shakespeare's Sonnets
    Shakespeare's Sonnets (Open (Access) Textbook)
    If you prefer to read through Kindle for its features then feel free to download the free eBook of Amazon. This gives... More
  • Absolute Shakespeare
    Absolute Shakespeare (Reference Material)
    This website has mountains of information about Shakespeare, the Globe Theatre, and also has all his sonnets. Any... More
  • 30 days of Shakespeare
    30 days of Shakespeare (Presentation)
    A playlist of powerful readings from Shakespeare's various works. This includes some of his sonnets as well as portions... More
  • Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter - TED-Ed
    Some insight into iambic pentameter and why it was so effective in Shakespeare's works. Shakespeare's plays flow so... More
  • The Project Gutenberg eBook of Romeo and Juliet, by William ...
    If you prefer to read on an electronic device but don't want to download the book. You can also find Shakespeare's other... More
  • Hamlet Full
    Hamlet Full (External link)
    For students to visibly experience "Hamlet". Shakespearean plays can be very difficult for everyone. This is used to... More
  • Dictionary for Shakespeare
    Shakespeare can be hard to understand. This should help! On this website, students are able to search up words from... More
  • Othello Full Performance
    For students to visibly experience "Othello". Also, it's modernized! Shakespearean plays can be very difficult for... More
  • Shakespeare Performance in Asia
    Shakespeare performances in Asia! How eastern countries portray Shakespearean plays. Here, we are able to see how... More
  • A Different Take On Romeo and Juliet
    For students to visibly experience "Romeo and Juliet". Shakespearean plays can be very difficult for everyone. This is... More
  • How Shakespeare Influenced Modern Literature.
    Explains how Shakespeare's plays influence popular literature today. Students may use this to understand how large of an... More
  • A Review of Hamlet
    A Review of Hamlet (External link)
    While this is a review of a production of "Hamlet", it touches on some great points surrounding the themes of the play.... More
  • No Fear Shakespeare
    No Fear Shakespeare (External link)
    This website gives students access to Shakespeare's plays in modernized language. While students are encouraged to read... More