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Global Voices - Poetry from Around the World

This collection of international poetry is intended for a High School English course focusing on Comparative Literature. Comparative Literature studies the relationship between two or more texts from different literary traditions to make cultural and linguistic comparisons. Comparative Literature allows students to think critically, closely analyze texts, make meaningful connections, and communicate effectively. The works in this collection celebrate various cultures and voices from Japanese Haikus to Polish poetry. By not privileging one ethnic or gendered perspective students are exposed to a variety of cultures. This course aims to help students interrogate their own cultural prejudices and keep an open mind by encountering diverse voices. The goal of this course is for students to engage with different cultures from around the world to understand how their own experiences are contingent on their cultural and historical context.


Collection Content

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  • Arabic Poetry:Guzzle a Ghazal!
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  • Yiddish: Women's Poetry | Jewish Women's Archive
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  • Asian American Voices in Poetry | Poetry Foundation
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  • Czeslaw Milosz | Poetry Foundation
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  • "I, Too, Sing America": James M. Whitfield's America and Other Poems
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