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Technology for teachers

The artices found in this bookmark collection analyses the use of our ever-evolving technology and how it can be used to enhance student's lives and education. It describes using technology such as media, mobile phones, and computers to have student's learn at their own pace and learn in their unique learning style. It focuses on the importance of educating student's about the safe ways to use the internet and about it's possible dangers when used inappropriately. Overall, it describes how technology can connect student's to useful resources found near and far. It opens doors to other information found around the world which can enchance a student's knowledge about the world. 


Collection Content

  • Technology Supported Learning
    Technology Supported Learning (Workshop and Training Material)
    This article talks about using technology to meet the need of student's. It states that students must be encouraged to... More
  • Using Mobile and Social Technologies in Schools
    Technology found in schools is not necessarily a bad thing and can be used for enhancing students education. The easiest... More
  • Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education | SpringerLink
    Technology can be used in many areas of study. Students benefit from using technology because they connect with the... More
  • Educational Technology
    Educational Technology (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    The use of technology helps many students with different learning styles. They can use instructional videos from Youtube... More
  • Early Learning and Educational Technology Policy Brief
    Technology is every changing and can be a really useful tool in education when it comes to teaching students of all... More