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Vanessa's Bookmarks for 7th Grade Ancient Greece


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  • Home and Community: Ancient Greece and You
    This resources examines the connection between Ancient Greece and the modern American student. The "Western World" is... More
  • The Ancient City of Athens
    Athens' prominence in the Ancient Greek world cannot be underestimated. Students' understanding of this city-state is... More
  • Ancient Greek City States Lesson
    City-states were a feature of Ancient Greece that presented a unique political systems as well as conflict -- mainly the... More
  • Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek ...
    Sections of this resource would be used to teach students the politics of diversity in the city-states. The Ancient... More
  • Ancient Greek Houses and Households | Bradley A. Ault, Lisa C ...
    Everyday life is an important aspect to understanding another culture and time period. Students will understand what the... More
  • Ancient Greek Literature - World History Encyclopedia
    Students will learn about some of the most persevering works in history and the foundations for the Western novel, the... More
  • Ancient Greece: Literature and Mythology FA Guide
    Ancient Greek mythology still influences Western ideology and students need to understand not only the stories, but... More
  • Mapping Diversity in Classical Studies David Konstan
    This is a resource more for the teacher than the student and explores the diversity of educators and experts in the... More