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ETEC 444: Hailey Savard Collection for Ecology/Animal Unit

This is an assignment done for ETEC 444. In this bookmark, I have included various materials for my Ecology/Animal unit that I want to include in my future class of second/third grade students. The resources bookmarked have fulfulled EDI by demonstrating and providing diversity by including a variety of resources that provide students with options for learning that they may prefer. For example, some resources are article based, some are physical activites, and some include simulation for visual learners. Equity is fulfilled by giving ALL students equal opportunity to reach their full protential and goals within the unit. Inclusion and Diversity are both displayed across the resources because they provide students with information that may fall inside their cultural relm and expand outside of the USA. 


Collection Content

  • Kids do ecology
    Kids do ecology (Learning Object Repository)
    This website not only provides the information needed for learning about Animals, Ecology, Life Science, etc. but it... More
  • Animals At Monterey Bay Aquarium
    This is a fun and engaging "extra" resource. This is a direct link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium LIVE camera's that are... More
  • A-Z Animals
    A-Z Animals (Reference Material)
    This source is an encyclopedia of animals. I would want the children to use this resource for their animal reports that... More
  • Me and You A Visit to Zoo
    Me and You A Visit to Zoo (Reference Material)
    In this fun short story called, "Me and You a Visit to the Zoo" by Munir Moosa, children will learn about animal... More
  • Animal Conservation at the Zoo
    Animal Conservation at the Zoo (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    In this article/website, there is an immense amount of information about the diversity of particular ecosystems all over... More
  • Wolf Survival
    Wolf Survival (Simulation)
    In this outdoor physical activity/game, children will each be given a role to play as. Some will be rabbits, some deer,... More