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Equity collection

Equity resources- some are directly for students others need to be broken down and scaffolded for.


Collection Content

  • Equity vs. Equality: What's the Difference? | Online Public Health
    A resource to break down the difference between Equity and Equality with images to help.
  • How to Advance Racial Equity This Black History Month - Paradigm
    A reference that has resources talking about Identity ranging from Race, Disability, and gender identity.
  • Colorful Flags
    Colorful Flags (Reference Material)
    A resource for languages common phrases and learning about cultural competency.
  • I Am A Person Committed to Equity | National Museum of African ...
    A resource about Allyship and anti-racism. More of a social Justice resource.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in OER
    A resource to find more open education textbooks to save money. It could be very useful for AP courses where you don't... More