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How Congress Works

This collection provides a variety of sources that can be interacted with all different types of learners to get a hands-on feel for how Congress actually works, not just the schoolhouse rock version.


Collection Content

  • Center on Congress at Indiana University
    Has a lot of interactive elements to the website, including videos as well as different readings.
  • 17.261 Congress and the American Political System II | Political Science
    It is a link to a school's online course for the American government, but there are a lot of useful links included on... More
  • Library of Congress
    Library of Congress (Collection)
    it's got all kinds of documents throughout U.S. history that are helpful for students to see hands on
  • 17.317 U.S. Social Policy | Political Science
    Similar to the other link, it links to an online course. But on the website, there are a lot of links that go to... More
  • About Congress | U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
    This is a neat website that covers the basics of Congress in a fun and interactive way. I like that each section is... More
  • How Could Congress Function if Not Everyone Can Show Up ...
    An interesting insight into the beginning of the Covid pandemic and the antiquated way of our government.
  • Death & Taxes: A Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go
    Shows the spending that Congress authorizes every single year. It is a snapshot of a single year but it gives a good... More