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French Resources

Materials for lower and higher level French students. This compiliation is geared towards middle/high school students studying the French language. 


Collection Content

  • French Idioms
    French Idioms (Reference Material)
    This resource provides a list of colloquial idioms that the French use. I would use this in my beginning classes to have... More
  • ¡Conjuguemos!
    ¡Conjuguemos! (Drill and Practice)
    ¡Conjuguemos! is a grammar gamification site. It provides other languages such as French and Spanish. I would use this... More
  • Francais avec TV5
    I would use Apprendre le Francais avec TV5 with my 3rd and 4th level students in French. The site is entirely in French... More
  • Language Guide in French
    Language Guide in French (Assessment Tool)
    The Language Guide is a great resource for students learning French. This site allows them to practice grammar, listen... More
  • WordReference
    WordReference (Reference Material)
    This site is a language dictionary for students. They can check English-French, Spanish to French and vice versa. There... More
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Civilisation Francaise is similar to TV5, but without video. The site has several cultural readings for students to... More
  • Lyricstraining French
    Lyricstraining French (External link)
    I would use lyricstraining as a listening activity. Students watch music videos in French and type in the missing lyric.... More