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English Language Arts -Short Story Modules

English Resources for teaching Dystopian short stories. (to be used for hybrid/online middle school and/or high school courses). Resources can be modified and applied to other ELA modules.


Collection Content

  • The Lottery: Tradition's Impact on Human Behavior
    This resource contains various speaking, listening, reading, and writing materials focused on Shirley Jackson's "The... More
  • User Beware: Exploring the Impacts of Technology through Science Fiction and Dystopian Texts
    This resource provides survey questions for students to answer prior to reading Dystopian texts in order to establish... More
  • Create Your Own Comics Online
    This resource is a free website that allows students to create their own comic strips. The site offers fun animal and... More
  • Common Sense Education
    Common Sense Education (Reference Material)
    This resource links to various other resources that have school-appropriate Podcasts for all K-12 students. The Podcasts... More
  • Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction
    This resource is an Open Access Textbook for teachers to utilize as a guide to teaching best writing practices online.... More
  • | Interactive Writing and Grammar
    This resource provides free interactive writing and grammar practice activities for K-12 students. Teachers can search... More