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World and US History sources

Collection of resources helpful for teaching history in a middle school or high school setting


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  • Middle Ages
    Middle Ages (Presentation)
    This source presents straightforward descriptions of the feudal or middle ages in Europe. The source itself is easy to... More
  • CHOCOLATE: Food of the Gods
    This Cornell website discusses the historical origins and uses of Cacao and its transition to what we know today as... More
  • British Museum: Ancient China
    This resource provides an in-depth look at Ancient Chinese History and Geography. The website has many subpages and... More
  • Sojourner Truth Bibliography
    Sojourner Truth Bibliography (Reference Material)
    The resource takes one to an annotated bibliography of much of the work done on Sojourner Truth. This resource would be... More
  • The Photographs of Carleton Watkins
    This website contains a collection of digitized photographs taken by the famous photographer Carleton Watkins. The... More
  • Boundless World History
    Boundless World History (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This Open Source Textbook is a great resource for students to gain basic understanding in the very broad topic of world... More